Current Issue
Volume 5, Issue 2, 2022
ISSN: 2619-9548
Field: Gastronomy, Hospitality, Travel, Recreation, Tourism and Tourism Education
Type: Peer - Reviewed Journal
Publish Period: Quarterly in Year and Online


The researches requiring the permission of the Ethics Committee are as follows.

  • All kinds of research conducted with qualitative or quantitative approaches that require data collection from participants using survey, interview, focus group work, observation, experiment, interview techniques,
  • Use of humans and animals (including material / data) for experimental or other scientific purposes,
  • Clinical researches on humans,
  • Researches on animals,
  • Retrospective studies in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data,


Journal of Gastronomy, Hospitality, and Travel (JOGHAT) is a journal for all those concerned with the planning, management, marketing, education of gastronomy, hospitality, travel, recreation, and all components of tourism.

The journal is an open-access journal.

The journal is a refereed academic journal.

The journal is published Quarterly in year and online.

Theoretical and research articles published in the journal should be in English or Turkish. The journal is an international open access online journal for both readers and authors. The journal welcomes both specific studies and large-scale policy and planning studies. Articles are the results of anonymous reviews by at least two referees chosen by the editor for their specialist knowledge.


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Rahman TEMİZKAN (Ph.D.) 

Eskisehir Osmangazi University, Faculty of Tourism, Campus of Meselik, Odunpazari/Eskisehir, TURKEY 

Duran CANKÜL (Ph.D.)

Eskisehir Osmangazi University, Faculty of Tourism, Campus of Meselik, Odunpazari/Eskisehir, TURKEY 


Editorial Board of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts

Murat DOĞDUBAY (Ph.D.)  Gastronomy and Culinary Arts 

Osman Nuri ÖZDOĞAN (Ph.D.) Gastronomy and Culinary Arts 

Menekşe CÖMERT (Ph.D.) Gastronomy and Culinary Arts 

Alaa Nimer ABUKHALİFEH (Ph.D.) Gastronomy and Culinary Arts 

Iva SLİVAR (Ph.D.)  Gastronomy and Culinary Arts 

Nilüfer ŞAHİN PERÇİN (Ph.D.) Gastronomy and Culinary Arts 

Miju CHOI (Ph.D.) Gastronomy and Culinary Arts 

Burhan KILIÇ (Ph.D.) Gastronomy and Culinary Arts 

Salih Zeki ŞAHİN (Ph.D.) Gastronomy and Culinary Arts 


Editorial Board of Hospitality Management

Roberto MICERA (Ph.D.) Hospitality Management

Mohd Hafiz Mohd HANAFİAH (Ph.D.) Hospitality Management

Qiang YAN (Ph.D.) Hospitality Management

Ahmet KÖROĞLU (Ph.D.) Hospitality Management

Erdoğan EKİZ (Ph.D.) Hospitality Management

Emrah ÖZKUL (Ph.D.) Hospitality Management

Sergiu RUSU (Ph.D.) Hospitality Management

Ozan Emre AKSÖZ (Ph.D.) Hospitality Management

Saloomeh TABARI (Ph.D.) Hospitality Management

Cüneyt TOKMAK (Ph.D.) Hospitality Management

Yusuf AYMANKUY (Ph.D.) Hospitality Management


Editorial Board of Travel Management and Tour Guiding

Oğuz DİKER (Ph.D.) Travel Management and Tour Guiding

Özlem KÖROĞLU (Ph.D.) Travel Management and Tour Guiding 

Sebahattin KARAMAN (Ph.D.) Travel Management and Tour Guiding 

Nick NAUMOV (Ph.D.) Travel Management and Tour Guiding 

Lóránt Dénes DÁVID (Ph.D.) Travel Management and Tour Guiding 

Yalçın ASLANTÜRK (Ph.D.) Travel Management and Tour Guiding 


Editorial Board of Recreation Management

Ali YAYLI (Ph.D.) Recreation Management

Özlem SÜRÜCÜ (Ph.D.) Recreation Management

Detlev REMY (Ph.D.) Recreation Management

Mir Abdul SOFIQUE (Ph.D.) Recreation Management

Alberto Jonay Rodríguez DARİAS (Ph.D.) Recreation Management

Zelia BREDA (Ph.D.) Hospitality Management


Editorial Board of Civil Aviation

Savaş, S. ATEŞ (Ph.D.) Civil Aviation

Harun YILMAZ (Ph.D.) Civil Aviation


English Language Editors

Davut UYSAL (Ph.D.) Anadolu University

Engin AYTEKİN (Ph.D.) Afyon Kocatepe University

Bircan ERGÜN Afyon Kocatepe University


Publisher Address

Eskişehir Osmangazi University

Doç. Dr. Duran Cankül

Tel: 0533 576 87 41

26480 Odunpazari / Eskisehir, TURKEY


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